Broom, Pankhurst, and His Royal Highness

┬áChristina Broom’s story is a bit different from Shirley Baker’s, the British photographer I wrote about recently. Born several generations earlier, Broom (1862-1939) became a photographer from financial necessity when her ironmonger husband sustained a cricket injury that put him out of work. Of course, it is anybody’s guess what makes a gal choose a […]

Historian/archivist creates astonishing photographic memorials to World War II combatants

My friend Marilyn Walker called my attention to an amazing archival project by Jo Teeuwisse of Amsterdam. From a batch of World War II photographs that she discovered in a flea market, Teeuwisse has created photographic reenactments of wartime action and agony on modern European streets. Rebecca Rosen of The Atlantic captures the essence of […]